Food Freeze Dryer

  • FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2
  • FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2
  • FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2
  • FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2
FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2

FD-200R Industrial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),2000kgs/batch,204m2

  • Shelf area: 204sq.m
  • Condenser Capacity: 2500kgs
  • Power install:350kw
  • Drying House: 18000*3100*3500mm
  • Product description: FD-200R industrial large scale freeze dryer, bulk production for food,fruits. Vacuum sublimation drying at 2000kgs per day.

FD-200R Production Freeze Dryer

Introduction Of Industrial Freeze Dryer

Lyophilization is the process of freeze drying, also known sublimation drying, storage something by freezing it very quickly and then subjecting it to a vacuum which removes its moisture in ice type. Lyophilization or freeze drying not involve liquid phase, so its drying process finish under 0 degree, influence raw material appearance and characteristics very less.

Generally, lyophilization process will go 2 stage, Freezing the raw material and drying it in vacuum condition. However, the process need support by a lot external systems like drying house, vapor collector/ice condenser, vacuum system, refrigeration system, material trays move system etc. and these systems constitute a complete freeze drying plant or freeze dryer, Lyophilizer. With smaller capacity, the Lyophilizer come with smaller size and could be all-in-one structure, Industrial freeze dryer may large and cover an area of a workshop.

In principle, freeze dryer, food freeze dryer for sale fit all most all edible products could success drying after proper research its freeze-drying curve, such as fruit, vegetables, soup, meals, instant noodles, diary, herbs etc. cooked or fresh.

Buy freeze dryer products are organic and health, freeze dry food well keep characters that could compare fresh food (original appearance, color, vitamins, flavors, proteins etc.), also, due to water removed, small freeze dryer products like fruit taste more delicious than fresh fruit.

FD-200R is an industrial food production freeze dryer design and produce under FDA, could use for almost all edible products vacuum freeze drying, multi apply to food, fruit, vegetables, meals, herbs, coffee, soup etc. Available shelf area 204sq.m and ice capacity 2500L in 24hrs, batch processing could be 2000kg to 2500kgs bulk drying, the machine is industrial larger size with modular design easy maintenance and install. Config with PLC+Touch Screen +PC control.

Product Display

FD-200R freeze dryer come with modular structure, all subsidiary system working separate, but link together by high advanced PLC+PC+Touch screen system.Our Highlight control system could help you save at least 30% energy compare other brand.

The drying house is cylindrical, material loading and unloading by overhead monorail system.

Technical Parameters



Shelf area


Ice capacity




Shelf size


Material tray size


Material tray quantity


Shelves temp.

RT to +120ºC

Condenser temp.


Vacuum degree


Power install


Drying House Size




Design standard



Among all the freeze dryer(lyophilizer) provider in the industry, Huayu Brother® provide you the most reliable and power saving freeze drying equipment with advanced technology, which could help you get better dried products quality with less power consumption.

Modular design, quick deliver, easy maintenance and install.

All Huayu Brother FDR freeze dryer machine come with modular design, all subsidiary system like refrigeration, vacuum, heating etc. design, delivery and install as individual part, link together by high advanced PLC + touch screen +PC controller, benefit a lot whatever for delivery time, shipping, maintenance and install.

Most strict quality control system.

Our factory running totally under international concept like SGS, ISO, Huayu Brother also edit our own quality control system that from raw material, component, assembly till to machine test and packing.

Reliable and super quality products.

With strict quality control, delicate design and careful produce, Our freeze dryer machine with very low failure rate help your plant stable and reliable running, indirect help you save running cost.

High automation level.

Adopt versatility PLC+Touch screen+PC control system, fully automatic freeze-drying process, in PC software or touch screen (in freeze dryer side) could all sides show entire machine working status as well as the freeze-drying data online check or export.

Scientific design and power saving

From components model select, pipes or cables circuit till safety precautions, we consider more of reliable, beautiful, compact than just build a machine. our freeze dryer electric cost at least 30% lower than other brands.

Exclusive vapor guidance technology.

Our tens years' experience study and design the ice condenser with very high vapor condensing capacity, unique ice condenser structure enable vapor uniform distribute and condensing to all coils surface, improve cold trap capacity and freeze drying speed.


About Us

Huayu Brother is a profession Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer Manufacturers & Suppliers in china. We focus on refrigeration and sublimation equipment, with passion and innovation, we provide a wide range of high quality freeze drying equipment for lab, pilot production, commercial and industrial process, in various fields include food, fruit, vegetables, diary, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical.

In the past tens years, Huayu Brother always be pioneer in the industry: Develop new technologies, invest high advanced processing machines, upgrade our craftsmanship etc. improve our equipment reliability, stability and a higher energy performance.

Here in Huayu Brother, we have an experienced engineer team, close work with you and provide you the best quality Freeze Dryer equipment or freeze drying plant, integrated solutions for your freeze drying needs.

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