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  • FD-10R Commercial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),100kgs/batch,10.5m2
FD-10R Commercial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),100kgs/batch,10.5m2

FD-10R Commercial Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer),100kgs/batch,10.5m2

  • Shelf area: 10.5sq.m
  • Condenser Capacity: 150kgs
  • Power install:25kw
  • Install size: 3500*2000*2500mm
  • Product description: FD-10R freeze dryer/lyophilizer application in commercial freeze drying production with 100kgs capacity.

Freeze Dryer Description

Introduction Of FD-10R Freeze Dryer

Commercial 100kgs freeze dryer/Lyophilizer model FD-10R will benefit you not only the high efficient working, easy operate and success freeze drying, also you could use it for almost all kinds of food products, research and production raw material in solid or fluid, Commercial and pilot production lyophilization machine.

The freeze dry process of FD-10R is very simple: Fresh or frozen material load in trays put in freeze drying chamber (FD-10R shelves could freezing to -30C), operate touch screen panel input freeze drying curve and start machine, freeze dryer machine will automatic execute the parameters you programmed, Sublimation till drying finish.

Freeze Dryer Display

FD-10R is similar with FD-5R design and produce at compact size, integrated body. FD-10R 100kgs freeze dryer/Lyophilizer, standard configuration with cylindrical drying house, however particular for Heat sensitive material like herbal or documents, rectangular drying house will be recommended for an evenly temperature distribution during sublimation process.

Technical Parameters



Shelf area


Ice capacity




Shelf size


Material tray size


Material tray quantity


Shelves temp.

-30 to +120ºC

Condenser temp.


Vacuum degree


Power install


Drying House Size




Design standard


Technical Features

1. All in one structure, compact size.

2. Stainless steel freeze dryer house door with observation window. Stainless steel drying chamber and ice condenser, inside corners with hemispherical design, easy clean.

3. Modular shelf and material trays could be aluminum or stainless steel.

4. Shelves useable area 10.5m2.

5. Shelf temperature range -30℃ to +120ºC with accuracy of ±1ºC

6. Double stage Piston compressor system could cool ice condenser to -65℃. Compressor use water cooling.

7. 150kgs/24hrs vapor collect condenser, observation window with light installed in side condenser wall, condenser defrost by water spray.

8. Leybold vacuum pump, system final vacuum <5Pa.

9. High advanced PLC+Touch Screen control system, user could real-time monitoring lyophilizer running status, flexible program,modify and storage freeze drying recipes, freeze drying data collect/storage/export function.


High Reliable Equipment

We deeply know the freeze dryer is a system engineering that combine many parts, all of them are important and any small failure could cause chain reaction and lyophilization fail, so for all parts in our FDR freeze dryer, we use high reliable parts from world first class with right model select, ensure the equipment smooth and high efficient working.

30% power saving technology

With tens years’ experience in the field, our lyophilizer always have a higher energy efficient that could compare, average our freeze dryer could help you save at least 30% electric compare other brands, reduce your production cost and improve market competition.

Easy operation with less worker need.

FDR freeze dryer with high automation level that entire plant only need 1-2 workers charge material tray loading and dried material harvest. the freeze dryer is full automatic working from start to end, the valves use pneumatic open or close, all these works will do in computer controller room.

FD-5R/FD-10R Integrated structure

Huayu Brother Freeze drying,lyophilization machine, Commercial freeze dryer for sale,supplier and manufacturer in China.Unlike FD-35R and larger lyophilizer machine, FD-5R and FD-10R with integrated structure, easy move and install, after delivery, you only need connect electric and water pipes to machine, could trial production, no need our engineers installation.

Models Compare

Compare items




Shelf area




Shelves quantity




Shelves size




Trays quantity




Condenser capacity




Nominated capacity

Liquid material(e.g fruit pulp)

50L (10mm thick in tray)

100L (20mm thick in tray)

100L (10mm thick in tray)

200L (20mm thick in tray)

200L (10mm thick in tray)

300L (15mm thick in tray)

Solid material (e.g sliced fruit)

40 ~ 70kgs

80 ~ 140kgs

150 ~ 250kgs

Power install




Install size




Using Application Of FD-10R

FD-10R could use for almost all non-corrosive products' liofilizacion, this is due to our strong design ability:

Food area the machine mostly use anodized aluminum shelves and trays for a better energy efficient,short freeze dry time, freeze dryer drying chamber could be economic cylindrical shape.

Pharmaceutical or rigorous food drying could use stainless steel shelves and trays for a better sanitary, meet FDA and CGMP, the drying house could be rectangular which have a higher temperature uniformity.


FD-10R freeze dryer range in commercial, industrial pilot production process dryer machine.

Machine structure is all-in-one which means you could very easy install it by yourself.

You can also enjoy our "worry free" service that we charge all the process: design machine according discussed, sea shipping to your nearest port, send engineers to your factory for install and worker training.

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Huayu Brother® is a profession Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer Manufacturers & Suppliers in china. We focus on refrigeration and sublimation equipment, with passion and innovation, we provide a wide range of high quality freeze drying equipment for lab, pilot production, commercial and industrial process, in various fields include food, fruit, vegetables, diary, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical.

In the past tens years, Huayu Brother® always be pioneer in the industry: Develop new technologies, invest high advanced processing machines, upgrade our craftsmanship etc. improve our equipment reliability, stability and a higher energy performance.

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