Reduce freeze drying cost and budget control in lyophilization process

The freeze drying or lyophilization process, is one of the most expensive unit operations in a complete manufacturing line because of the slow drying rate arising from inefficient heat transfer, and the high investment and operating costs. Cycle optimization is, therefore, crucial, especially for products produced on a large scale, where the cost factor increases significantly with time spent in the Freeze Dryer. A fully optimized cycle uses only the energy and time required, resulting in shorter process time and higher product throughput. Most importantly, it ensures optimum product quality and consistency between batches.
Freeze drying cycle, or freeze drying curve is the most vital part before bulk production. Or need continue upgrade and research.

Freeze-drying involves three basic steps—freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying—which can take several hours even several days to complete. A fundamental goal of freeze-drying is to produce a well-dried product with elegant cake appearance, short reconstitution time, long shelf life, and complete recovery of activity on rehydration, among other requirements. Two major considerations for optimization of a freeze-drying process are the stability of the drug product, during the process itself and during the storage period after the cycle is terminated. Designing an optimized freeze-drying cycle requires identifying the critical properties of the formulation so that the processing conditions can be specifically tailored to the formulation’s freeze-drying characteristics, such as the collapse temperature (Tc), glass transition temperature (Tg), and eutectic temperature (Teu).

You can also refer "Freeze Dryer recipes or freeze drying curve"   make upgrade your freeze dryer recipes reduce freeze dryer and Lyophilizer running cost. 


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